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Tiny Dancer 

'Where Tiny Dancers &
Big Dreams Grow'

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Our 'Tiny Dancer' is a program where dance lessons aim to encourage this innate desire to dance in your children by offering dance lessons tailored to little ones ages 2 - 4 years. Dancers will learn the basic steps and terminology in ballet and jazz, while exploring their own creative movement styles to music and games in a safe, positive environment.  While fun is emphasized, your child will be developing so many aspects of their personality, character, and physical prowess that it can be almost overwhelming. At this age, everything your child is exposed to can have a profound impact on their being. Each class encourages students to champion their inherent talents, identify who they believe they can be, and create a memorable performance of which they can be proud of.

Odyssey Dance staffs experienced and caring dance instructors, whom all began dancing at a young age as well. Our 'Tiny Dancer' dance lessons focus on technique in a fun way. Our goal is to give them the fundamentals to prepare them for future classes when they get older, but more importantly to instill in them a passion for dance.

Odyssey Dance, Tiny Dancer Lessons are 40 minutes each

Students in this class will have the opportunity to participate in the end of the year recital

+ Class Attire, Shoes, & Costume Fees: Not Included 

Where dreams are realized as focus, practice and imagination result in confidence and achievement.

This program is designed expressly for imaginative 2-4 year old baby ballerinas, princesses, pirates, super heroes, movie stars, and fairies.

Tiny Tots

 Age: 2 | $55/ Month | 40 Min. Class

Creative Movement

Age: 3-4 | $55/ Month | 40 Min. Class

Tiny Dancer
Weekly Class Schedule

Monday dance class schedule
Tuesday dance class schedule
Wednesday dance class schedule
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Tiny Tots
4:00- 4:40

Creative MvMt 

6:15- 6:55P

Tiny Tots 4:15- 4:55P

Creative MvMt 
5:00- 5:40P

Tiny Tots
3:00- 3:40P

Creative MvMt 

3:45- 4:25P

Saturday dance class schedule

Creative MvMt 
4:45- 5:25P

Tiny Tots 9:50A- 10:30A

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