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Odyssey Dance
Select Dance Class Styles

'Elevate your Technique,
Empower your Passion'

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At Odyssey Dance Co. have dance classes for all levels and styles, all year long! If you aren't sure what will be the perfect fit for your schedule or your student, just shoot us an email, call, or stop by the office and we can help!

​Our 'Select Style' group dance classes are taught by highly experienced and professional dancers; children’s classes are taught by professionals who are excellent with children and love working with them!

We strive to place our students in an optimal learning environment. Factors considered when placing children include ability, focus, drive and maturity. We want to place your child in the best class that meets their age/ experience level.

Please Email or Call us for Odyssey Dance class placement options.

Odyssey Dance Select Style Dance Classes are 45 minutes each

Students in this class will have the opportunity to participate in the end of the year recital

Odyssey Dance offers Quality, Technique Dance Classes with No Commitments or Stress.  

For the Dancer who wants to pursue their passion in dance, recreationally. 

Select Class Styles

Ballet | Lyrical | Pointe | Tap
Hip Hop | Acro/ Tumbling 
Jazz | Contemporary

Classes are 45 minute each
$65/ Month (1 Class) | $115/ Month (2 Classes)  | $165 (3 Classes)

Class Style Descriptions

Ballet-  We focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras). Dance Classes begin with work at the barre to build strength and coordination, followed by center exercises, culminating in a grand allegro combination or variation. Clear explanations of exercises and theory help students use the ballet vocabulary in a simple, practical way that leads to increased technical understanding, healthy physical development, and lifelong enjoyment.

Jazz- This style of dance is fun, energetic, and full of entertainment value. This dance class has many commercial applications in the dance industry and has been dazzling audiences since the early 1900s. Jazz dance has roots in ballet, modern, acrobatics, African rhythm, salsa, and flamenco.  Jazz dance is categorized by clarity, precision, and exuberance. We begin each class with a warm-up exercising muscles and joints to increase strength and mobility. Dancers will work to find balance by using their central core and practice coordination techniques/ isolations.  Progressions across the floor are used to hone skills in transitions, footwork, turns, extensions, jumps, leaps, floor work etc. Most jazz dance classes culminate in a center combination that pushes the dancers to move sharply, swiftly, and with musical interpretation. 


Lyrical- Lyrical is a softer version of a contemporary dance class. The movement given will be lighter, however it still contains technique. This class teaches a combination of skills and terminology used in ballet and jazz classes. Grace and fluidity of movement are prioritized, in addition to proper body alignment, center of balance, and turns, jumps, and floor work will be involved throughout each dance class. 

Pointe- These classes are perfect for the ballerina who is wanting to take their Ballet technique to the next level. They use the Ballet technique that is taught within their normal classes, and push it further to be able to execute the same techniques on pointe. Just like the professional Ballerinas, our students get to experience what it’s like to not only dance in pointe shoes, but to gain confidence in their normal Ballet technique as well.

Tap- is a dance class that explores how the body can make rhythm both individually and collectively in a group of peers, primarily utilizing metal taps on the sole of the shoe. Tap classes greatly benefit students interested in theater, percussion, and other dance styles as the classes are designed to develop an understanding of music theory, weight shift and control, and rhythmic coordination through audible articulation of the feet. Students will be challenged in a way that leaves them feeling motivated and inspired. In dance classes, skills will become more advanced and intricate as the students progress through each level.

Contemporary- Contemporary is a fusion dance class. In this dance class we will use every kind of movement, many will have strong lyrical components but, you will see flares of jazz, ballet, hip hop, salsa, theatrics, mime, modern, pedestrian movement… you name it. The fun is in the blending. This class will have a short warm up and then spend the majority of class learning and dancing new combinations every week. Whether inspired by a song, a feeling, a vision, or just a wild hair each combination will be unique and allow for much individual artistic freedom. 

Hip Hop- Hip Hop dance classes began as street dance mainly consisting of freestyle evolving with the music and culture with a strong presence in urban neighborhoods. The dance and entertainment industries created an adaptation of this referred to as “new style” or “commercial dance” which is what you will often find in studios. Hip hop involves hard-hitting, energetic, intense, grounded, and sharp. It will incorporate isolations, lines, grooves, levels, larger movement, and lots of attitude. While there is strong foundation and a unique type of technique in hip hop, it is very individualistic which makes it so wonderful. 

Acro/ Tumbling- Acro/ Tumbling incorporates strength, flexibility and trick (gymnastics) vocabulary. Students must continue to build muscle and flexibility in order to master more advanced tricks and tumbling, so body conditioning is always prominent in classes. Students should expect to spend at least two years in each level, but each acrobat will excel at their own rate. Students receive one on one spotting and instruction as they go across the mat so that they can build confidence in their abilities. Our acrobatic classes fuse dance technique, contortion, partnering, tumbling and other acrobatic motion. Some dance classes will work toward an end of year recital performance. 


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