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Odyssey Dance Co.

Welcome to Odyssey Dance Co. where 'Tiny Dancers & Big Dreams Grow.'


A dance company where beginner dancers can 'Discover the Artist Within.'

Quality classes where you can 'Elevate your Technique and Empower your Passion.' 

Teachers dedicated to 'Creative Excellence and Focused Artistry. '

Dance Class in Orlando Area

Odyssey Dance Co. (ODC) began offering dance classes to the Central Florida in Fall 2018. Our goal was to provide quality dance classes to anyone who wanted to pursue a passion in the art of dance. At Odyssey, we believe there is so much more to dance than getting from one step to the other. We believe in creating lifelong memories and life skills, supported through an expressive environment, with teachers who care about the individual dancer; their dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

ODC classes are held at the Chance 2 Dance, Inc. Studio, a sensory-friendly & inclusive space.

ODC is the sister dance company to Chance 2 Dance, Inc. (C2D). Dancers participating in Odyssey Dance Co. classes will meet and engage with individuals of varying abilities, as Chance 2 Dance, Inc is a special needs non-profit dance organization. 

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