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Odyssey Dance
Combo Dance Classes

'Discover the Artist Within'

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Our dance studio designed the combo classes as an introduction into the varying styles of dance (Ballet + Jazz, | Acro + Hip Hop ) for ages 5-7 and (Ballet + Lyrical, | Acro + Hip Hop | Jazz + Contemporary ) for ages 7-9 begins to build a foundation for more challenging classes, focusing on the specific details, quality of movement, and technique of each style. 

Dancers will learn the basic steps and terminology in each style, while discovering their passion for the art. Dancers in class will improve flexibility and coordination, Classes will focus on technique, grace, stamina, endurance, skill progressions and choreography retention. 

Classes are 50 minutes each; 25 minutes for each focused style.

Students in this class will have the opportunity to participate in the end of the year recital. 

+ Class Attire, Shoes, & Costume Fees: Not Included 

Combo 1

Ballet + Jazz | Hip Hop+ Acro
Age: 5-7 | 50 Min. Class
$65/ Month (1 Class) | $115/ Month (2 Classes)

Weekly Class Schedule

Saturday dance class schedule
Tuesday dance class schedule
Wednesday dance class schedule
Thursday dance class schedule for odyssey dance company

Combo 1
Ballet/ Jazz
6:00- 6:50P


Combo 1
Jazz/ Ballet
6:10- 7:00P

Combo 1
Hip Hop/ Acro
3:30- 4:20P

Combo 1
Ballet/ Jazz
9:00- 9:50A

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