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Odyssey Dance Co.,
quality dance classes for toddlers, children, and teens

We are excited you are taking the step to provide your dancer an amazing experience and watch her or him develop a lifelong love for dance! We believe that even the youngest dancers are capable of learning and growing in the art of dance.  Watch your little one blossom with confidence before your eyes! Take your dance to the next level!!! Join us for classes today!

Odyssey Dance Company is a dance studio located in Maitland, FL. that offers dance classes from ages 2-18. We have dance classes for anyone from toddlers to beginner/ intermediate dancers who want to take quality technique classes, to the aspiring elite / competitive dancer.

Teachers balance being encouraging, firm, fair, and fun, to help every student reach their full potential. Odyssey Dance classes are designed to teach proper technique & creative artistry. If you are looking for a place for to flourish both in dance and as a person, Odyssey Dance is the place for you. 

We focus on each individual dancer's personal growth to give them exactly what they need.

Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills and confidence while finding belonging and friendship. We believe that dance is not only a beautiful art form but also a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Engaging in dance provides many physical and emotional benefits that go well beyond the classroom.


We aim to teach our students to be service minded: our dancers learn empathy, compassion, and acceptance through our community engagement/ philanthropic efforts; Odyssey Dance students volunteer, support, and engage with the special needs community throughout the season.


There is nothing that makes us happier than watching our dancers discover their passion & grow, year after year!

Odyssey Dance Program & Classes

Parallel Lines

Why Odyssey Dance Co?


  • Local dance studio in Maitland

  • Age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate classes, choreography, and costumes

  • Experienced, qualified staff with extensive training in dance and education

  • "Open door policy"- Parents can observe dance class from the lobby and talk to the studio director as needed.

  • Our annual recital is one day only!

  • Friendly, family-oriented atmosphere builds students' self-confidence, self-esteem, and discipline

  • Odyssey is one big family - students make lifelong friends.

  • Students learn life skills - dance teaches manners, discipline, focus, and grace.

Hours of Operation

Monday- Thursday: 2:00 PM-8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment Only


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